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At Coloft we believe in people and their entrepreneurial spirit.
We sought to build a community of like-minded doers
visionaries, change makers & problem solvers.
The end result can not be described, it must be experienced.
Come by and start experiencing the Coloft effect (a.k.a. Colofting*).


*Colofting: [koh-lawft-ing] verb.

To Coloft. Coloft in action. Act or action of a Colofter that Colofts: exp. Colofting is awesome.

- Dude what's up? I'm colofting.
- Yeah, we did some serious colofting last night!

The Unwritten Code:

The Unwritten Code of Colofting...

...is now written.

What makes Coloft special is the community. Work space is just the side effect. Colofters watch out for one another, respect one another, grab lunch together, get drinks at happy hour, and take care of their space. To stay true to this, we have to make sure that everyone that’s interested in Colofting realizes that it’s not just a work space. Because being a Colofter is so much more.

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Be awesome and respect others. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Phone Policy: Phone calls are fine, just talk at a normal volume. If you need privacy, or you have to yell at someone, go use our awesome phone booth. If you are always on the phone, this is not the place for you.
  3. Introduce yourself to fellow Colofters. They are all awesome.
  4. If the coffee is out, either let one of us know, or just make a pot yourself! You’ll probably get lot’s of love for brewing good coffee.
  5. Coloft is an open, collaborative space. We don’t believe in cubicles or private offices. If you want to zone out in your productive world, the universal sign is headphones. We have a bunch. Just ask.
  6. Keep our space clean. When you leave, another Colofter will most likely sit at that spot. So please keep it clean, take your dirty cups to the dishwasher, and trash your trash.

As always, be sure to always give us feedback. Coloft is what it is because we listen to the community.